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Fencing is a Swordit Affair 
steel blade is the shortest distance to a man's heart

Woodstock Open


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                                                     The  Woodstock  Fencing   Club is a non for profit organization, created  in1979                                                 . Its purpose was & is " To give all interested, the opportunity to learn and practice the art of fencing".
Fencers meet Tuesdays from 6:30 to 9:30 PM in the Cafetorium of the Woodstock Elementary School, when school is in session. Instruction is given at all levels, in all three weapons - Foil, Sabre, Epee - from 6:30 to 8:00 Fencing practice & bouting from 6:30 to 9:30. We fence dry or electric. Please call Elene 845 657-8021, George 845 331-3832 845,  David 657-8083 if you plan to attend.                    

Brief and probably inaccurate history of the W. F. C. :
As early as 1978 fencers in Woodstock met and received lessons from David Rogers at the Town Hall, they met infrequently for the room was not always available. We had to relinquish it when the girl scouts or the theatre group or anyone else needed it. By 1981 the Club had practically disintegrated, so Philip Sullivan placed an ad in the Woodstock Times trying to find other fencers to revive the activities in the area. 16 people answered the appeal and an organizational meeting was conducted at Elene & Umberto 's in Zena. Some wanted to meet on one day some another. The decision was made by Mr. Haberski, Principal of the Woodstock Elementary School & Director of Woodstock Recreation, the Cafetorium was available for us Tuesday evenings between 6:30 & 9:30,

On the 17th. of March 2007 we celebrated our 28th. anniversary with our yearly competition, 
The W. F. C. helps spread knowledge of fencing in the area. Demonstrations are given at local high schools and sometimes malls. We have supported and assisted in the starting of various fencing groups: Kingston HS, Newburg Free Academy HS, New Paltz College, The Academy at New Palz and others. With the support of Betty Santelli and the olympian Albert Axelrod we run 3 summer camps at SUNY New Paltz, bringing in such coaches as Jerzy Grimski, Wess Glon, Aladar Koegler and others. This camp benefited fencers in our area and attracted some from as far as Hawaii and Michigan The WFC offered scholarships to dedicated students that could not afford attending.
To enlarge our group, we open our doors freely to fencers who are members of College clubs or teams.
We start our new season on December 1  2015. You are all cordially invited to join us.


Woodstock Elementary School Rt. 375 Woodstock N Y 12498

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